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gplc - Memory allocation fault


I have a lexicon file, 3Ko,  containing almost 80 000 simple rules:
    lexicon(cat, noun).
    lexicon(red, adj).

When opening my project via gprolog, there is no problem, it compiles, and runs.

But when trying to compile via gplc, i get messages:

Fatal Error: global stack overflow (size: XXXXXX Kb, reached: XXXXXX Kb,
environment variable used: GLOBALSZ)

So i export GLOBALSZ with superiors values(131072,262144,524288,1048576) with no
success of compilation.

I can go higher, as i have 8Go on one of my computer,but when i export
GLOBALSZ=2097152, i get:

Fatal Error: Memory allocation fault

--> It seems that we cannot allocate 2G and more for GLOBALSZ.

Tested on 1.4.4 & 1.4.5 on Windows 7 Pro Core i3, 4go and Mac Osx Maverick dual
core 8gb.



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