Blender-Python with GNU Prolog

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Blender-Python with GNU Prolog

Радослав Василев
I'm interested in the work of GNU Prolog with Python. I tried to use package:
but I could not install it. Very messy and requires a version of GNU Prolog 1.2.11.

I installed .exe version for Windows:


but I could not install and use bedevere-0.1.0 with these .exe versions!

My wish to using Blender graphics program ( and by Python (from Blender program ) to have access to functionality GNU Prolog. It will be very interesting for my purpose! I need concrete steps how to integrate GNU Prolog in Blender.
My questions are:
1) Is this possible?
2) Can you help me with concrete and easy steps (instructions) how I to make this possible?

Excuse me for bad English!
I would be grateful if you help me to use GNU Prolog in Blender-Python

Radoslav Vasilev
from Bulgaria

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